Twins Sold For A Smartphone

It has recently been brought to media attention that a heartless single mother in China actually sold her twin babies in order to purchase herself a new smartphone, as well as settle her massive debt.  Yes, you got that right, unfortunately. 

She sold her newborns for 65,000 yuan, which is equivalent to $9,100. Following a police investigation, the woman has been arrested, although it’s still unclear how she managed to find buyers.  All we know is that the twin babies were sold to two separate couples. 

The woman is reported to be only in her twenties, and felt as though she had no choice but to sell her children since was heavily in debt and didn’t have a penny to her name. 

Her parents were against the pregnancy she had prior to being married, and refused to support her and help her raise the children. They made it very clear that they wanted nothing to do with her and her children.  

The father of the babies was also reported to not even have been presented when they were born, and only showed up once he heard they were sold, requesting half of the money. The Chinese woman told authorities that she did give the father half of the money to help him settle his gambling debts. 

Police were able to track down the babies, and had them returned to their birth mother’s parents. The mother and father have been arrested for neglect, and thankfully the twins will grow up together, hopefully in a healthy and loving home. 

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