Twins Born In Different Decades

As the new year rang in and the clock struck midnight, there was more than partying and celebrating going on for this family. Dawn Gilliam and Jason Tello, had a New Years’ surprise that they will never forget.

At the time Dawn Gilliam was a few months out from being due in her pregnancy term. On the night of New Years Ever she was “concerned about a lack of fetal movement,” according to CNN affiliate WBNS. While at the hospital, Dawn was put into labor.

Expecting two beautiful twins, Gilliam was so more than excited. As the time got closer to midnight, Gilliam only birthed one of her children. Thirty minutes later, in a new decade, her second was born.

Usually, twins have the same birthdate since they are born on the same day but for these two, their birthdays and years were quite different. One being born in 2019 and the other in 2020, completely two different decades and times.

Now, this is a miracle within itself and a rare occasion that not many could say occurred to them. As the children grow older they will forever hold this special moment in their hearts, as they continue to celebrate their day of birth separately.

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