Turning Garbage Into Shoes
A London based footwear company is creating eco-friendly products. VIVOBAREFOOT shoes helps the environment by diverting 17 plastic bottles from landfills in each of it’s shoes. The brand, however does not stop there.
Cousins Asher and Galahad Clark have an extensive knowledge of sustainability and come from a long line of cobblers. They wanted to follow in their family’s footsteps, and after ridding themselves of most of their unsustainable things, the Clarks dedicated themselves to their sustainable footwear project.
They launched the line in 2012 and it includes a very thin, puncture resistant sole that protects the sole while providing maximum sensory feedback.
The goal of the company is to make the world’s most sustainable shoes, that are both healthy for the planet as well as for the wearer.
They are trying to prove that style does not need to be comprised for a cool, modern shoe.  The company lessens the burden placed on the world’s landfills but taking the collecting plastics and transforming them into durable materials.
Not only are they selling eco-friendly shoes, but they are also aiming to teach consumers about the dangers of plastic and how it can be combated as a global issue together.

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