Turning Chernobyl Into A Tourist Attraction

The Ukranian government has been trying to make a tourist attraction out of the Chernobyl disaster zone, especially since the hit HBO show that premiered back in May.  Their most recent effort includes a radioactive reactor control room, available for tourists to come and use. 

It’s the very same control room where four Ukranian engineers turned off the cooling pumps of the nuclear reactor during a safety test back in 1986, which as many of you already know – it was caused the heartbreaking explosion that took the lives of 28 innocent people, as well as what contaminated the surrounding area with radioactive waste, known as Chernboyl. 

While this doesn’t exactly sound like a tropical island for tourists to come visit, somehow, many brave souls have been paying big bucks to see the room first hand. The Ukranian government has been happy to welcome these visitors in, with the intention of increasing tourism and bringing in funds to the country. 

The building is located under a massive arch around the reactor in order to prevent any radiation from leaking, which would make you think that it would prevent visitors from wanting to come, but well…it hasn’t.

Thankfully, tourists are only allowed a few minutes inside the room to prevent exposure to radiation, with the biggest risk being radioactive dust. In fact, whoever enters actually has to spend more time preparing themselves to enter with protective clothing, and do a radioactive scan, rather than the time actually spent in the room. 

People seem to always be looking for their next thrill, and apparently there are no boundaries to how people are willing to go nowadays. 

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