Tulip Vodka

When we think of strong spirits, we don’t usually associate them with tulips, let alone flowers in general.

However, one small, unique and creative Holland distillery has made claims that they have perfected a recipe that allows for vodka to made out of two simple ingredients: water and tulip bulbs.

Dutch Tulip Vodka is the work of Joris Putman, a thirty-four year old filmmaker, who has now become an entrepreneur.  A few years ago, Putman decided that he wanted to create something, the only problem was that he didn’t know what exactly. He did, however know that it would involve his beloved country’s national symbol – the tulip.

After years and years of hard work, and tons of experimenting, Dutch Tulip Vodka is now a thing, actually quite a big thing.  Michelin star restaurants across Europe proudly serve it in on the menus.

Putman initially got the idea from a friend. He suggested that he make moonshine from grain. Putman didn’t want to do something that had already been done, but the idea of making a strong spirit out of tulips sounded pretty attractive.

Putman explains that it was no easy task to figure out how to perfect the recipe, especially since the tulip has a very strong texture.  The actual process will be kept a secret for now at least, however Putman did share that the vodka is distilled three times.

His disterillery, Clusisus Craft Distillers goes through an impressive 4,800 tulips per day, and sells for no cheap price, at $340 per bottle, and the premium at a more affordable cost of $55.  The difference? The regular one has 350 tulip bulbs, while the premium has 40.

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