Trendy Luxury Bags

There are several brand-new and vintage bags that are trending in 2022 but if you are confused about which bags are a good investment then keep reading. All brands are creating and selling different bags in 2022, unlike the past years when luxury brands were selling similar bags. Besides the different styles of bags, luxury brands add their personal touch to such bags by imprinting their monogram differently in each collection. Two of the best seller bags will be discussed below.

Firstly, Fendi launched their ‘Fendigraphy’ which has a circular shape with Fendi symbolized on the bottom. These bags are essentially made from leather material and are firm and sturdy in appearance. They are sold in nano sizes mostly but large sizes are available as well so that people can store their things in them. This style was introduced in early 2022 but Fendi is creating different versions under Fendigraphy. Some fashion critics have stated that this is an innovation of the classic shoulder bag. Secondly, Louis Vuitton launched their Loop bag which has a half-moon shape with a monogram printed over it in several different ways.

Getty images/Getty Images Entertainment/ Edward Berthelot/ Contributor

LV launched these bags with different handles for example chains, leather, etc. These bags are also considered sturdy and firm in shape so their shape is not molded easily due to limited storage space. These bags are only available in small to medium sizes but we can say that we have been proven wrong several times that small bags can’t hold ample things.

These bags are priced over $1000 but the quality and the designs can be vouched for the price. Both bags are different innovations of the classic shoulder bag that began to trend in 2022. These bags are easy to carry, relatively lightweight, sturdy in shape, etc. We can’t guarantee that these bags will stay in the fashion market for long but these bag styles can be purchased easily at retail stores that sell them for cheaper. It’s better to buy the original pieces due to longevity so don’t wait for too long.

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