Toxic Lake

Instagram influencers, travelers and people all around have come to the specific region of Galicia, Spain all for the sake of a photo. This beautiful bright blue lake seems all fine and dandy until people have started to become ill due to the one thing many were unaware of.

The lake is actually an old tungsten mine, and the reason for it being blue is all due to signs of chemical contamination. Knowing this information has not stopped people from coming to visit the lake or even submerge themselves into it.

As people continue to see pictures of the toxic reservoir they decide to put the negatives and health risks to the side. As known, most people in today’s generation only do things for the picture. At the end of the day, the idea of having experiences has become lost in the shuffle and now it is all about the picture that can get the most likes.

Being that this lake is toxic, many who have visited it have had symptoms including rashes, stomach problems, and allergic reactions. It is unknown what other effects the lake can impose on visitors but it has been brought to visitors’ knowledge of the risks.

Just recently, Salvemos Cabana, an organization that protects natural and cultural heritage sites is lobbying for change. The organization wants to put restrictions on visitation rights to the site as well as have clear warning signs on the dangers involved.