Tourists Who Never Fail To Surprise Us

Growing up in cities that are known tourist traps can play a huge role in everyday life. As we try our very best to avoid all hot new destinations and areas where these tourists decide to literally take over, it can sometimes tend to be challenging to do so. While walking through the streets, spotting tourists is like playing a game of Pacman, they are everywhere. No matter where we turn, tourists are lurking. Spotted by wearing hilarious shirts and taking thousands of pictures, these tourists are too easy to detect. As they wander the streets, it is inevitable to avoid their appearance. While causing distractions, crowds, and confusion, these tourists are ones that might have lost all common sense before arriving.


Bear Trap



For some reason, we find it very hard to believe that these tourists thought that this was near to a good idea. Considering, the dangers of wild bears, we aren’t too sure as to why these tourists decided to take a closer look especially since there is nothing stopping this bear from attacking.


Want A Piza This




Photo fails are almost too good to be true especially when there are hundreds of other people around failing equally as much as the next person. We get that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a must-see tourist site but at the end of it all, is it really worth the 30-minute photo attempt?


The Dumper



Okay, whoever thought that this way even near to acceptable to do in a public place must have lost their noggin before traveling. It is said that when one needs to go, they must go but to stop in a public place probably isn’t the greatest of ideas. Next time, this mother needs to reconsider her idea of a bathroom or put a diaper on her child.


Tourist Hatching



Just by looking at this scene of people, it is apparent that something is luring them to the beach all at the same time. Of course, these tourists decided to not put the safety of the sea turtles before them and wanted to get a better look at the hatching season. Hopefully, no turtles were harmed in the doings of these tourists.