Top Fintech Brands in The U.S

In 1860, a device called Pantelegraph was invented by Giovanni Caselli. This device would later become one of the financial institutions’ earliest forms of technology. In 1866, commercial banks and other institutions transmitted handwriting, signatures, and drawings over telegraph lines. This is why the 19th century is the beginning of the Fintech revolution. There are about 10,755 Fintech (Financial Technology) startups in America as of November 2021, and there are four categories of Fintech: digital lending, digital payment, blockchain, and digital wealth management. Here are some of the top Fintech Brands in the U.S today;


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PayPal Holdings, inc., is a Fintech company formed in December 1998 as CoFinity by Peter Thiel, Luke Model, and Max Levchin. It developed security software for hand-held devices before switching to an electronic payment system in 1999 as a digital wallet. Its headquarters is in California.