Top Dog Breeds

Many times your four-legged furry pet is your best friend. Now when it comes to dogs there are truly many to choose from when you consider adopting a dog. With that said this may make your decision so much harder. After all, there are so many to choose from. This is why you should get to know a few of the top dog breeds out there. Do keep in mind that because there are so many dog breeds in the world, you might not ever really know what is considered to be the best of the best.

Getty Images / EyeEm / Andrea Konyri

One of the most popular dog breeds would have to be the Labrador Retriever. This fluffy body has been given the name “man’s best friend” because of how friendly and extremely playful it is. So much so that there are many families that have decided to get themselves a Labrador Retriever as a family pet. You see Labradors are fun-loving dogs that enjoy playing with people of all ages. If you are thinking about getting yourself and your family a Labrador, you can look forward to enjoying long walks and many hours of playing fetch.

Our next furry friend that is considered a top dog breed is the German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherds are highly known for their work as police dogs. Now you may not know this but German Shepherds are often chosen to be police dogs because of how easy they are to train their loyalty and their sense of protection. Now even though this dog breed is seen as a working dog, they also make for great pets. With a German Sheperd, you can expect to have a loving pet that will also protect you and your family when needed. Today we have only discussed two of the top dog breeds but there are a number of others such as Bulldogs, Poodles and so much more.

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