Too Pretty To Work

So we’ve all heard the rather comical expression too cool for school.  But for the most part, it’s really just a saying for someone that is really cool. If they are at the school age, then they are also usually still going to school.

When we grow up, we have to work rather than go to school. But no, being too pretty for work is not actually a thing, nor is even a comical saying. For Irina Kova, however, a thirty-three-year-old Russian born Londoner, this is a thing, believe it or not.

According to Kova, since she is so incredibly good looking, she actually has a lot of trouble finding a job and has yet to be hired. Kova believes that other women in the workforce are intimated by her, and when it comes to men – they just simply can’t seem to take her seriously enough.

Despite the fact that she has a law degree and a highly impressive resume, Kova cannot find a job, and she credits that solely to her good looks.  Her recruitment agent even told her to dye her hair to make her look more professional and less beautiful, but even then it didn’t work out for her.

Kova claims to barely wear makeup, and that her features just stand out without her trying to.

Who knew that being beautiful could cause so many problems?

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