Too Much Love

While we always believe that one could never have too much love, apparently you can? In today’s society, it seems as though anything goes. A news report has recently shared the virtually unheard of case of a woman who actually filed for divorce because her husband ‘loved her too much and never once argued with her’.

We should all have this problem, right? After a year of marriage, the woman from the United Arab Emirates simply felt like it was too much to handle, feeling like she was suffocating from all of his love, and in turn, took him to Shariah court in Fujairah. 

Not only did her husband shower her with far too much affection to handle, but he also never argued with her. He always helped her with everything she asked, including things around the house such as cooking and cleaning, which the woman had described as hell.

How dare he help her out! 

The woman shared in court that he never once turned her down, and never once raised his voice at her. While in court, she expressed her deep longing for a fight, an argument, a heated discussion, crying over the fact that her overly loving husband would always be buying her presents and forgiving her. 

Her husband defended himself in front of the court, telling judges that he really only had the best intentions to be a kind husband to has life. It seems as though unfortunately that his efforts were taken the wrong way and have led to a divorce.

Men, don’t give up. While it may seem like there’s no winning, most women will appreciate your best efforts.

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