Too Drunk To Ride An Uber

If you’re an Uber driver, we get it. It’s seriously no fun to deal with a drunk passenger, as they may dirty up your car with some vomit, or fall asleep and refuse to get up.

But for the intoxicated passenger, it can be dangerous for them too.  In the past few years, Uber riders have accused over 100 drivers of either sexual abuse or assault.  That’s only including the reported cases.  This is not only terrible for the passengers, but for the company itself too, getting tons of bad raps and lawsuits.

Drunk passengers cause problems for Uber, which is why they’ve decided that the best way to solve the issue is not give rides to drunk people.

They’ve created a new application that predicts an Uber rider’s state.  It does not directly state that it’s about intoxicated riders, however it tests how fast and accurately the rider types in their details, the angle to which they are holding their phone, their walking speed, location, as well as the time and day.

The system then compares their gathered data to the passenger’s Uber history. So if they’ve always got typos, then it might not mean they are drunk, they just don’t know have very good spelling perhaps.

In such cases where to user seems to be acting out of character, they may not be matched with any driver. While this method could help cut down on dangerous incidents, denying passengers may also not be the best idea. This too could lead to lawsuits for things such as denying disabled passengers.

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