Tinder Vending Machines

Vending machines have become a very popular thing in Asia, with companies using them to sell basically anything possible.

One Hong Kong businessman however, has taken things to the next level.  He’s designed a vending machine that sells dates to singles looking for a more low-tech option to online dating. Similar to Tinder, but without having to use technology.

The vending machine is known as the ”Fate Capsule” that is located outside a small pet store in the Kowloon Shek Kip Mei neighborhood.  This year, it received attention worldwide after it went viral.

It’s got separate compartments for men and women which dispense plastic colored capsules that provide the contact details of other singles seeking love.

All you have to do is pay $2.5 in coins, and it will dispense you a fate capsule, with all the information one could need for their prospective date.

Ben Tang, the owner of the nearby pet store brought the machine to Hong Kong after seeing the concept in Taiwan.

Tang first launched the Fate Capsule machine right before Valentine’s day, and it quickly became a huge success.

However, despite it’s popularity, it’s also been criticized by some, describing it was ‘fraud’ arguing that dates have not accepted their requests.

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