TikTok’s Rising Popularity

This semi-new application on the iPhone has taken over every children’s life as they dance their hearts out making videos to share on this social media medium. TikTok’s mission statement “is to inspire creativity and bring joy,” according to their official website.

The application allows users to make short-form videos that can either give people a great laugh, inspire one another or even spark their creativity. As this application has gained great popularity over the past few months, there are many TikTok Stars that many users follow.

Just like Instagram, this application does allow others to like the videos posted, share them and save them. People who use this application usually follow friends, family members or even TikTok famous people to get some form of inspiration for the next video to come.

If one has not downloaded the application or seen videos posted it is recommended to browse the web and get looking. With the promise of a great laugh ahead, TikTok might be one’s next favorite application to ever exist. So much, in fact, that one might become the next TikTok star to be lined up with millions of fans.

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