Three Remarkable Ancient Greek Ruins

Ancient Greece, the birthplace of democracy, the origin of thought, the pillar of Western society as we know it. The contribution of Ancient Greece’s culture to the history of the world can not be overstated. Time, however, has had its way with the ancient civilization, which has been completely lost and forgotten save for a bountiful amount of structures, texts, and traditions. Thankfully, some of these structures are still standing tall, allowing us to marvel at their magnificence. So, without further ado, here are some of the most spectacular remnants of the culture that kickstarted our way of life.

The Athens Acropolis

Ancient Greece’s archeological wonder. located on top of a tall. flat rock, the amazing structure overlooks the ancient city of Athens. The jewel of the Acropolis is the Parthenon, a towering temple dedicated to Athena, the goddess of Athens. Adventurous hikers can also follow the path known as the Panathenaic Way down from the Acropolis, an ancient route that leads to the Agora Square.

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