Three Chrome Extensions That Could Make Your Life Easier

If you are one of 2.65 billion internet users who use Google Chrome as their primary browser, you probably have heard of their 100,000+ extensions. Extensions make Chrome stand out from other search engines by enabling users to customize their internet browsing experience to the fullest. While most extensions are useful and safe, there are some that are less talked about than others.


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Screencastify is a screen recorder that allows you to record, edit, and even share videos. You can use this popular Chrome extension instead of downloading any type of software onto your computer. Screencastify includes several editing tools such as a text box tool, a pen tool, tools to trim your video or merge two videos together, a tool that allows you to narrate with your microphone’s audio, tools for cropping, blurring, and zooming, and more.


Calling our video editors and content creators! Picture-in-picture mode is a Chrome extension that allows you to watch Youtube videos in a floating window, with playback video controls, while browsing any other websites or applications. Users can open any selected video outside the browser in a mini player with customized settings and the option to resize the floating window as much as they want and set it at any place on the screen. Playback controls include advance, rewind, play and stop buttons for the video, just like on the original video player. Picture-in-picture supports all video formats and works with popular video hubs like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and many more.


With over ten million users, Honey is the Chrome extension every online shopper needs. Honey automatically finds and lets you directly apply coupon codes for online purchased 30,000+ websites. If you’re an avid Amazon user, this extension compares sellers, shipping prices, and Amazon Prime status, for you. Who doesn’t need an extension that saves you money with just the click of a button?


To download one of these mini-apps just go to the Google Chrome extensions page and find the ones that you like; no need for downloads, just click and voila! They will be added to the extension button on your Chrome menu. Categories on the site include Developer Tools, Productivity, Shopping, Social & Communication, and more, helping you narrow down your search and giving you a variety of extensions to choose from.


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