Three Breathtaking Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Italy

We have some incredible news, folks: Italy, yes the motherland of pizza, pasta, and all things espresso, is back in business. Vaccinated residents of the E.U., the U.S., Canada, the Schengen area, Japan, and Israel provided they fill in the necessary documents (which truly doesn’t seem like that big of a deal). Yeah, that’s right. No quarantines, no tests, just fascinating ancient ruins, breathtaking canal cities, and the cool European breeze. What more could a person ask for without sounding too greedy?


Gettyimages /
Алексей Облов / Moment

Every hour, a train departs from the Northern city of Verona northwards, where it travels one hour deep into the mountainous landscape of Northern Italy. The destination is Trento, a hidden gem of the Trentino-Alto region. It is a fascinating town filled to the brim with history. There are plenty of museums, mountain hikes, and skiing opportunities to seize. Some even say that the Trento is home to the best pizza in the whole of Italy, if not the world.

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