Thoughts Turned Into Sentences

A new device has the incredible capability of decoding what’s going on in the brain, and understanding what a person wants to say. Together with that information, the brain-computer device is able to produce full on sentences.

Although the device has yet to be perfected and is still in it’s trial stages, it has already proven to successfully create full sentences while people were very silently mouthing out words, that can easily be understood by the average person.  What does this mean exactly?

Those who are unfortunately unable to communicate due to a variety of conditions and strokes might have some hope after all.  The researchers behind the new device have concluded that it’s far too complex for anything they are capable of to attempt to mindread, and literally turn how the brain is behaving into words.

So instead, they have decided that the best way to go is through the use of artificial intelligence, which knows how to take brain signals and relate them to the vocal tracts of those wearing the device.

While everything might sound great, in many cases, it has been reported that certain words were misunderstood. But at the very moment, it’s still very progressive and is still much better than anything we have available just yet. For the most part, people are still able to understand the message trying to be conveyed, which for someone that cannot communicate, it’s a complete life changer.

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