This Animals Shelter’s Festive Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is known as a time of…well, giving! The tradition stems back many years ago, to when the English Pilgrims and local Native Americans came together for a bountiful meal in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Today, we commemorate the event by eating delicious and rich foods, counting our blessings, and surrounding ourselves with family and friends. However, some Thanksgivings are a little less traditional than others! Recently, an incredible couple decided to celebrate the holiday by giving back at their local dog shelter, treating nearly 80 shelter dogs (and a few cats) to a festive and tasty Thanksgiving meal.

Rob and Hillary Dunn are a couple from New York who has long been volunteering at the Stevens Swan Humane Society. This Thanksgiving, they decided to take their kindness one step further by surprising their furry friends with a delicious holiday meal. Each animal got a plate full of classic Thanksgiving delicacies, including white-meat turkey, green beans, and pumpkin. Hillary Dunn took to her Facebook to post about the heartwarming holiday experience they had.

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“Thanksgiving for 80ish shelter dogs and plenty of pumpkin left over for the cats. Most of the dogs even ate the green beans and pumpkin! This is Stevens Swan Humane Society and if you’re interested in any of these dogs please see the album of adoptable dogs on their page for more information.”

By bringing a beloved American tradition to the animal shelter, a whole new tradition was born! We have a feeling the Dunns will be back at the shelter soon, with more surprises for their four-legged friends. In the meantime, their act of kindness will undoubtedly inspire others to do the same. Clearly, the holiday season is not just about spending time with your own family – it’s about spending time with those who need it most.

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