Thinking Clearly Through Wine

You wake up in the morning after a night of drinking and are able to solve the most complex of mathematical equations. Happens to all of us, right? Not really? According to research, wine may in fact help you think more clearly if consumed in moderation.

The next time you decide to drink some wine, take out your physics notebook and get ready to meet your new highly intelligent self.  And be sure to thank the wine when you win the Nobel Prize.

Although alcohol is most commonly known for making you more calm and less in tune with reality, a recent study conducted has suggested that wine in small amounts can in fact help you clear your head in the long run, as it removes waste found in the brain.

Proteins such as beta amyloid, which is a piece of a bigger protein found in the nervous system accumulates in the nervous system. And if the waste products accumulate too much they can cause neural diseases. But thankfully, our brain knows what to do with the excess. The glymphatic system that rids toxic products during our sleep.

It is already known that exercise causes this system to function better, however there is now evidence that wine drinking helps too.

A study gave mice several variations of alcohol and then observed their motor and brain skills. Some of the mice drank large amounts, while others drank two and a half cups a day, and a third group remained sober. The drunk mice were not so successful. However the mice  who had drank in moderation were seen to be the healthiest, and had the same level of motor and cognitive motor skills as the mice that had not drank.

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