Things To Consider Before Pulling A Barbara Streisand & Cloning Your Dog
Barbara Streisand was heartbroken when her dog Coton De Tulear passed away. So much so that she could not think of life without her and with another dog that wasn’t her. That’s why she used cells from her stomach and cheek to produce not one, but two clones of her beloved dog.
Her two new dogs created from the cells of Coton De Tulear are now named Miss Scarlett and Miss Violet. If you’re thinking of doing as Streisand did, here’s some things you should take into consideration before cloning your dog.
For one, it is not a cheap process at all. Streisand has not shared with the public which company she used for the cloning process, but either way all of the available options come with a hefty price.  A South Korean lab is reported to charge $100,000 per attempt.
Another important factor to keep in mind is that the process is not completely fool-proof.  With such a heavy price, it can be rather distressing to know that making a genetic copy of your dog is not an absolute guarantee.  Apparently only a third of the time the cloning process works. In some cases dogs are used as surrogates and provide their eggs.  From an ethical perspective, having unnecessary miscarriages might not be the best idea.
Furthermore, there is a chance that the cloned dog might not act exactly the same.  Just like how identical twins can sometimes act and look quite different. When it comes to cloned dogs, the same is true.  According to a pet cloning company, if the clone grows up in the same environment as the original dog then the personality can be closely similar. However nothing promises that it will be exactly the same dog.
If you are still planning on cloning your dog, then it can be helpful to plan ahead. You can get a biopsy sample of your dog while they are still alive, which will make the cloning process a lot easier.
It might be better to consider adoption and find love again with a new furry best friends.  There are millions of animals that are euthanized every year because they are not wanted.
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