Thieves Wanted

A clothing store owner in the United Kingdom has decided to take a rather unique and unconventional approach to preventing theft from taking place in her shop.

The woman would like to hire professional thieves to enter her shop and steal from her store. She would like to then be told how they were able to do it without her noticing, so she can then learn how to prevent it from actually happening.

She posted this job offer on, and very quickly it spread and went viral.  The witty woman offered thieves a hefty $64 an hour to attempt to steal from her store, as well as the opportunity to keep three of the items they chose to steal.

Those given the job would need to frequent her store several times over the course of a few weeks, and then create a report of all the stolen items, and how they pulled off exactly.

Although this approach may seem rather bizarre, the store keeper explains that after suffering for too many years, she is ready to try anything possible to help save her small business, especially during the holiday season, when she is usually hit the hardest.

She hopes to gain valuable insights into how thieves operate, and into how she can improve the security system of her store, whether it be the layout, or repositioning the security cameras.

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