There’s An ‘Interstellar’ Themed Restaurant In Mexico

If you’re a true fan of the movie ‘Interstellar’ then you might want to start looking up cheap flights to Mexico. Because a restaurant based on the 2014 Christopher Nolan film was recently opened in Mexico City and is basically a dream come true for every sci-fi geek.

The establishment’s decor aims to mimic the starry void of outer space. There are a total of 250,000 LED lights installed, which reflect off the restaurant’s large mirrored tables, creating an ethereal and otherworldly atmosphere.

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There are books suspended from the ceiling to evoke a sense of gravity loss, but also as a tribute to one of the most memorable, final scenes of the film.

To sum it up, this restaurant appears to be 220 sq meters of pure science fiction heaven and the perfect destination for film buffs and their families. Let’s just hope the length of the film isn’t any indication of the food waiting time – Interstellar was almost three hours long.

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