The Year Of The Robot

It seems as though there’s virtually no limit to automation nowadays.  In fact, according to statistics, 2018 broke an all time record when it comes to new robot workers.

The Association for Advancing Automation, known in short as A3, released reports with data that nearly 36,000 robots were sent to customers in 2018 alone.  These numbers are an entire 7 percent greater than those of 2017.

While some industries did in fact experience decreases in the number of robots this past year, such as the automotive industry, which tends to be among the industries with the greatest amount of automation, many others did in fact see highly significant increases in the number of robots, such as the electronics industry, food and life sciences.

According to the report, it also seems as though it’s not only large scale companies that are moving towards the usage of robots, but in fact smaller companies too are slowly moving towards a more automated world as well, in order to have the most competitive products to tackle the most complex of challenges.

Robots are becoming more affordable and more skilled as time goes by, and it goes to show that those in North America need to be ready for the impact it will have on the workforce.

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