The World’s Tallest Cactus

Due to some recent photos going around across the internet, people are convinced that we’ve actually stumbled upon the world’s tallest cactus, and it’s super exciting if you ask us!  The cactus is to be found growing on the side of a three-story building in none other than our favorite city filled with unique things to talk about – Tokyo, Japan.  A Japanese Twitter user recently shared a variety of pictures of the surprisingly tall cactus growing outside of a Tokyo building. The building, of course, wasn’t what drew people in, however, but rather the cactus on the side of it that really just looks like a large green pole, rather than a cactus.

Even Yang, the Twitter user who posted the photos also even shared that he thought it was a green pole part of the building.  Once he noticed the deformed top of the green ‘pole’ Yang understood that this wasn’t the pole he expected it to be, especially since it stretched over onto the roof of the residential three-story building. Once you take an even closer look at the record-breaking cactus, you’ll even notice that there’s no way no one has been taking care of it.

It’s been tied down to the side of the building with metal rings to ensure that it doesn’t fall or bend due to its heavy weight, and even its prickly thorns have been removed to avoid potentially harming any intrigued people passing by. And while the large cactus appears to have grown fairly straight along the wall of the building, it also appears to be rather performed at the top – with some people even commenting that the cactus looks like a human being attempting to jump over the building (god forbid!). At the moment, we don’t have any further information about the tall cactus other than the photos from Twitter.  But for now, it’s safe to assume that it’s the world’s tallest cactus. If anyone wants to prove us otherwise, we’d love to hear from you. 

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