The World’s Smartest Earphones

Pioneer has recently introduced Rayz, which allows music lovers to use their headphones with having to worry about annoying accessories and extra ports.  They work together with the Apple ecosystem by using lightning powered, USB-C capabilities. With all things being said, they are actually the world’s very first smart headset for Mac and iPhone.
They have make the search for the right pair of headphones come to an end. Now, you can have one single seamless device that has all the technology you could ever need.
The earphones are powered by the Rayz app, and allows users to create a personalized headphone experience. The earphones in fact calibrate to each person’s each and offer noise cancelling features, so that you are the only one who will hear what’s coming out of the headphones.  It also has a smart button that you can set to do anything you like, whether it be to mute calls or pull up an app that you want to have easy access to.
Your phone can even be plugged into your charger at the same time as the Rayz. These are the first headphones that can do this since the iPhone 7.  The smart mute feature also helps you out at work, by muting any sounds whenever you are not talking.
The AutoPause feature makes sure that your music will stop when you take your earbuds out, to avoid having to fiddle for the stop button when receiving a call.  The headphones also have a hands free Siri option, so that you don’t have to take out your hand and stop what you’re doing when you have a question for her.
These unique headphones will make your iPhone once again feel luxurious, bringing back efficient glamour.

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