The World’s Smartest Chessboard

While chess is one of the oldest games known to man, it surely doesn’t mean it can’t get a modern makeover.

The world’s smartest chess board is known as Square Off and allows players to take part in the game without ever actually physically touching the pieces. 

Although we all know that Chess has also become a digital game years ago, real chess lovers know that there’s nothing quite like paying on a real board, but that’s kind of tough when your opponent lives across the ocean.

Well, that was the case, until Square Off came out – a physical board made of rosewood that literally makes you feel like you’re in a Harry Potter movie.

But in fact, it’s actually even better because it couldn’t be more realistic using innovative technology, robotics and the magic of the internet. 

The super-smart chess board allows players to play against each other either online or through an app through Bluetooth. And to actually make the pieces move? It uses a robotic arm that’s placed under the board to act as the arm of the opponent that’s not physically present. The same thing, of course, occurs on the other opponent’s board. 

Square Off offers a whole lot more though than just moving pieces. It offers a unique chance for dedicated chess lovers to play with anyone, anytime.

As you probably could have assumed, the game isn’t cheap, with the larger version priced at $445, but hey – if this is your jam, then it’s surely worth it. 

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