The World’s Scariest Haunted House

Most of us have been to a few haunted houses in our lifetimes, between family trips to amusement parks and bachelor parties in Vegas. But we’re pretty sure that none of you have been to one quite like this, and not just because you paid the entrance fee yourself (or your parents did).

Not only does this haunted house pay those who live to tell the tale $20,000, but there’s also a good reason for it. 

It’s been called the world’s most terrifying haunted house – and the owner, McKamey Manor is well aware that close to no one is capable of surviving through it, which is exactly why he’s offering such a grand prize. 

Although many haunted houses across the globe also claim to be the most horrific out there, enthusiasts have come to an agreement that this one is in fact the most terrifying yet. The tour lasts an entire ten hours and challenges those that are brave enough to step foot inside both mentally and physically. 

Actors in the haunted house are permitted to come into close contact with participants, however they are not allowed to be touched in return. Thankfully, there is a safe phrase for when they want it to stop. 

In order to be eligible for the prize money, one must be over the age of twenty one, sign a hefty forty page waiver, as well as proof that they’ve got medical insurance. 

Those that are qualified to enter must then watch a 2 hour debriefing movie before they begin and are pushed to their breaking point in the most terrifying ways imaginable. 

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