The World’s Safest Restaurant

Although most restaurants, bars, and cafes are closed right now due to the current situation,  one Swedish eatery remains open, offering one of, if not then, safest dining experiences yet. How so? Well, not only do they serve just one patron at a time, but they also so in the middle of a very empty field.   The name of the self-proclaimed safest restaurant translates to Table for one in English, and their claim can be backed up by several impressive and convincing factors. 

This highly unique restaurant is made up of merely a single chair and a wooden table. It’s located in the middle of an empty field, near a small Swedish town that consists of only 114 people. And despite the small population of the rural town, they also have imposed strict restrictions on how to prevent any kind of spread to patrons of the restaurant, offering the most solo restaurant possible.  Not only do they offer a table for one, but since it’s really our only option right now, they make sure that it’s done with pure style and class. 

The restaurant is owned by a local couple, Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson, who believe that the best way to eat is in solitude, with no distractions around, allowing the guest to truly enjoy each bite to the fullest. Somehow, the new rules of social distancing managed to work out quite well with the concept of their solo restaurant, and they’ve added extra security measures to ensure the safest experience, such as asking diners to serve themselves from a picnic basket sent to the table from a rope through a kitchen window nearby.  Anyone fortunate enough to get a table here will be given clear instructions on how to go about their dining experience, including getting there without coming in contact with anyone. 

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