The World’s Oldest Mother

A seventy one year old woman from Mazatlan, Mexico has claimed that is in fact six-months pregnant with a baby girl, making her the oldest mother to ever give birth in history.

Maria de la Luz thought she was pregnant three months ago when she began to feel tired and feel symptoms of vomiting and dizziness.  She went to a clinic for an ultrasound which revealed she will be giving birth for the ninth time.

The doctors seemed to be more surprised than she was, especially after she already had an entire 10 ultrasounds in the past three months.

Many have advised her not to her through with the pregnancy due to her age, she claims to be very excited to have another child. Many people in the area believe that the story is made up since it’s never been heard of before to conceive a baby at such an age.

The state hospital has asked her to come in for a checkup, and so far the only proof of a pregnancy is the ultrasound pictures she’s shown to reporters.  If she is really pregnant, she will break a new record which currently stands at 66 years old.

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