The World’s Largest Snout

When it comes to Borzoi hounds, they are generally known to have longer snouts in comparison to other breeds of dogs. Two-year-old Eris from Richmond, Virginia, however, may very well have the largest snout in the entire world, measuring an impressive 31 centimeters, exceeding even her fellow Borzoi hounds.  Eris, a white Borzoi Sighthound has been getting no shortage of online attention lately for the unbelievable size of her snout ever since her owner shared a photo of her snout on social media. The angle that Lily Kambourian, Eris’ owner pictured her snout really showed off how long it truly is, and people can’t seem to get over it. 

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Lily always knew that Eris and her two siblings were born with a genetic defect of an overbite which is what caused their snouts to be so large, but she really never thought that it would make Eris such a star.  And while many people wouldn’t have adopted Eris for this unique defect, Lily was never bothered by it, especially since she felt an instant connection with Eris.  Lily, unsurprisingly gets stopped on the street quite often while walking with Eris, mainly because of the impressive size of Eris’ snout, but also because Eris is known to be one seriously friendly dog that’s hard to stay away from. 

In fact, the two of them get stopped so frequently, that sometimes they even plan their walks based on how crowded or empty the streets are at the time, hoping to score some quiet time together without being stopped to answer questions about Eris, her breed, and of course, the incredible size of her snout.  Otherwise, Lily is happy to report that Eris has no health issues despite her long snout, although she was warned that Eris was likely to suffer from dental problems. Here and there she drops food all over the place, but then again, don’t we all? 

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