The World’s Largest Puzzle By Kodak

Whether or not you’re not a professional photographer, we’re all familiar with Kodak, the iconic photography company that’s been around for at least as long as we have, no matter how old or young you may be. Well, this legendary photography company has recently released the world’s largest commercial puzzle, and we’re all incredibly excited and ready to get to work. The puzzle consists of an overwhelming number of pieces, 51,300 to be more specific, and measures a shocking 28.5 feet by 6.24 feet. So if you’ve been looking for a productive project while you’re stuck at home right now, it seems like you’ve found it right here. And if you’ve never had the time to invest in a puzzle before, well then, there’s really no excuses at this point. 

Perhaps you’re already even a serious puzzle player but haven’t been challenged in far too long, again making this world’s largest puzzle exactly what you need. Not only is this massive puzzle challenging, productive, time-consuming and the best way to deal with your boredom while home, but it’s also made up of photographs taken by professionals of famous landmarks, offering some seriously breathtaking additions to your home.  While it does really sound like a dream come true, it’s important to note that there are some downsides to it, because, of course, nothing in life is as good as it seems. 

Firstly, seen as it’s the world’s largest puzzle, it’s also of course not going to be the cheapest one out there, with a price tag ranging from $400-600 dollars, depending on where you purchase it from. Another downside of this epic puzzle is that it’s massive, and will, in turn, take up a ton of space in your home. But if you’ve got a mansion and some money to spend, then this is one seriously worthwhile investment. And if you’ve got to buy a new home and take out a bank loan, well then, that’s totally up to you to prioritize in life. 

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