The World’s Hottest Gummy Bear

While Lil Nitro the gummy bear may be small and cute, he means serious business, and is not to be messed with. This chewy supposedly sweet treat is actually, believe it or not, an impressive nine hundred times hotter than a Jalapeno pepper, making it the hottest gummy bear known to mankind. 

Made with a special hot chili pepper, this candy created by those at Flamethrower Candy is rather deceiving and holds a rating of 9,000,000 Scoville units on the hotness scale. Even if you’re not familiar with this rating system, you can still probably imagine that this candy is insanely hot, beyond anything normal out there. 

Rather than selling these gummy bears in packages as the traditional ones are, these Lil Nitro one’s are actually individually packed, since they claim that no one will ever need more than one of these.  

While we’re not completely sure why anyone would want one in the first place, it’s important to know that the chances of it killing you are quite small, however it’s likely that your throat, stomach and mouth will feel like they are on literal fire. 

The Lil’ Nitro gummy bears are actually raspberry flavored, but if you do actually somehow bring yourself to try one of these, chances are that you won’t even taste the added flavor with all the screaming and flames going up. 

Eat at your own risk! 

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