The World’s Great Deserts

Deserts are incredible. They are vast, seemingly endless pieces of land that stretch out into infinity. They are desolate yet peaceful. They are tranquil and dangerous at the same time. They are devoid of life, and yet they’re home to some of the most epic and weighty biblical (and other) stories. They’re rich and utterly barren at the same time. But what are the world’s greatest deserts? Actually, what exactly is a desert? Often depicted as an expanse of arid, excessively dry land with sparse vegetation, here are some of the world’s most incredible deserts.

Sahara Desert

Unsplash / Andrzej Kryzpiniuk / kryszpin

The Sahara desert is one of the most iconic deserts n the world, and for good reason. Located on the African continent, the entire desert comprises an area totaling 3,600,000 square miles. It’s the third-largest desert in the world and the largest hot desert. Its name is derived from the Arabic word for ‘desert’, roughly pronounced ‘sahra’ in singular and ‘sahara’ in the plural.

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