The World’s Favorite Colors

Everyone has a favorite color. We usually won’t be able to explain why that color enjoyed its elated status compared to all the other colors, but it’s something most people can just feel. And yet, while we know for certain what our favorite color is, we’ve always wondered what the most prevalent colors in the world really are. As in, what are the most popular colors; the colors that most people would consider to be their favorite color. Quite an interesting matter, don’t you think?




clear sea

Gettyimages / Jaris Ho / Moment


A lot of people love blue. Blue eyes, the blue sea, blue skies, and so on. And yet, the color also contains a hint of melancholy to it. There’s not a soul on Earth that doesn’t feel a little blue once in a while. The color blue conjures a tranquil stillness that can at once be both soothing and a tad depressing. It’s a very human color.




green leaves

Gettyimages / Unggul Wicaksono / Moment


Ahh, green. The color of the jungle, Mother Nature’s favorite form of manifestation. Green is truly the color of the natural world and its many forms of being, whether they be plants, trees, or leaves. The color green is also often associated with good luck, and it is the national color of Ireland. These two facts, naturally, are obviously interconnected.




purple flower twirling inwards

Gettyimages / MirageC / Moment


Purple is truly a spectacular color. It is the color of royalty and nobility. It is the color of luxury, of velvety comfort. This isn’t accidental, either; purple dye used to be incredibly expensive and rare back in the day. Another astonishing fact about the color purple is that before the 16th century pretty much all the carrots in the world were purple. Strange right? Yeah, that is kind of strange. No doubt about it.


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