The World of Big Cats

When it comes to cats, you will be surprised to know that your four-legged pussy cat isn’t the only cat in the world. Now we don’t mean that there are other cats in the world, we are talking about lions and tigers. That’s right, we are taking a look at the big cats of the wild. Yes, they may seem scary but there are actually a number of great facts about big cats. This is why they are so interesting. So much so that there are a wide variety of people who actually dedicate their lives to doing research on these cats.

Getty images/EyeEm/ Kwanyam Lau/EyeEm

Let’s discuss the famous “king of the jungle” the lion. The first fun fact you need to know when it comes to lions is that they are the only cats that stay in groups. That’s right when it comes to living situations, lions prefer to stay together instead of going off and fending for themselves once they are of age. With that said, a pride of lions can actually live in groups of 30. However, you should know that this number can vary depending on how much food and water is available. Another fun fact about lions is that the female lions are actually the hunters in the pride.

Now don’t worry the males don’t just sit around waiting for the food to come to them. The male lions actually guard their territories. You see the male lion can be seen as the protector of the pride. Lastly, you must be quite fascinated by the roar of a lion. This may be a shock but the roar of a lion can actually be heard all the way from eight kilometers. Now for a few tiger facts. Out of all the big cats in the wild, tigers are by far the biggest. A tiger can weigh up to 363kg now that’s a big cat.

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