The World Is Officially Angry

According to new research, the world lately is really not a very happy place to live in, unfortunately. Gallup, an analytics firm has recently released their results from a survey they conducted in order to better understand what the overall emotional state of the world is.

Based on their global survey, people are more sad, angry, and worried than ever before. Such findings also suggest that health on a global level could also be at high risk.  Gallup came to this conclusion after interviewing over 151,000 adults across over 140 different countries.

The survey asked participants questions about their feelings about the prior day, including questions such as how often they smiled, and how much anger or sadness they felt that day.

In comparison to the previous year, the number of people who felt anger increased by two percent, and those who felt sadness and worried also increased by one percentage. This set a new record for all of these less than pleasant emotions.

All of these emotions can have a significant impact on one’s health, with research showing that anger is related to risks of strokes and heart attacks. Being in a constant state of sadness and constantly worrying can also be signs of depression or other anxiety disorders.

If things continue to escalate at this rate, we’re looking at a seriously unhealthy future.

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