The Wooden Super Car

Japan has recently shared its vision for the future of supercars, and believe it or not, they plan on it being made from wood. Most of its structural tub as well as it’s entire body are made from cellulose nanofiber. 

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this material, that’s alright. It’s an ultra light, yet incredibly strong material that’s actually derived from plants, so yes – it’s good for the environment! 

The wooden supercar is far from being close to ready at the moment, but we do know about it so far is that an entire 22 groups have taken part in the creation of the vehicle. 

It was showcased for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. 

From what we’ve seen, there’s no doubt that the wooden supercar looks like a real-life batmobile of the future with all its sharp angles, but we’re not too sure how the vehicle will turn out otherwise, and how much it will really match up to the goals of the designers. 

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