The Weird Animal Kingdom

Oh, the animal kingdom. The kingdom that never stops giving. No matter how many animal facts we consume, it seems as though they refresh on a daily basis, giving us a neverending stream of bizarre animal info to deal with and contemplate. These are our favorite pieces of animal weirdness.


Wild dolphins call each other by name.


dolphin opening his mouth wide

Gettyimages / Steffen Benz / EyeEm


Yeah, this one definitely took us by surprise. It was Aristotle that made apparent just how uniquely human the act of name-calling truly is. So much so, that he reckoned it to be one of the defining attributes of being human. But Aristotle got it wrong, all because he didn’t think of one crucial thing (or creature): dolphins. We wonder what dolphin names are like. As in, what’s the dolphin equivalent to Karen or Ralph or Chad? Somebody should definitely write a thousand-page paper on this. We’d eat it up.




Gettyimages / Fazer44 / Moment


Woah. Imagine living your life in Matrix: Reloaded bullet time, twenty-four-seven, dodging high-speed objects as they tear through the air heading in your direction. New research indicates that birds, squirrels, heck, even human children can see things in a sort of slow-motion unattainable to us regular adult people. And you thought taxes were the worst thing about adult life.


The now extinct colossal penguin was 6″6 tall.


polar penguins hanging around in the arctic

Gettyimages / David Merron Photography / Royalty-free


That isn’t just “The tall guy in the classroom” type tall, that’s Lebron James tall. We’re not sure if we are supposed to be extremely disappointed or incredibly relieved that we missed out on such monolithic penguins. Eiter way. it is a bit of a bummer to have missed out on them completely. Like, can’t we travel back in time and bring just a couple of them back with us? Someone should definitely consider this.


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