The Versatility of Black in Fashion

We all have something black in our wardrobes. This is the one color that’s guaranteed to never go out of style. This is why everyone considers a black pair of jeans and a little black dress necessary wardrobe items. Some fashion creators even advise that when confused about what to wear, start with a black base like a black pair of trousers, or a T-shirt, as the black base provides plenty of choices to style your look. So let’s take a look at a few outfits that celebrate black’s versatility.

T-Shirt & Black Jeans

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Christian Vierig

Firstly, the iconic but straightforward T-shirt paired with black jeans look. This style presents a chic look for something simple and fits different occasions like lunch, movies, etc. Go crazy with the T-Shirt if you like, and the black still complements it nicely.

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