The Undisputed Champions of Lunchtime

Uh oh, it’s nearing that time again. That singular hour of the day in which people take a break from their routines and tend to their growling stomachs. We are, of course, talking about lunchtime. Lunch, however, is a very strategic kind of meal. On the one hand, nobody likes eating bland, flavorless, hyper-healthy foods. yet, on the other hand, you can’t just go devouring a triple cheeseburger with extra bacon at noon. You do, after all, have things to do today. So, what are the ultimate lunchtime meals?


Chicken Salad


crispy chicken breast salad

Gettyimages / Ivan / Moment


Yeah, we know. You’ve thought of this already. You’ve probably even done this a billion times. But salads hold a privileged position in the lunchtime meal menu given that they’re both healthy, refreshing, and tasty, and chicken salad is the king of all lunchtime salads. It’s an appetizing, filling, healthy meal filled to the brim with protein and vegetable goodness.




sushi with pink background

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So this is one goes out to the people who have a very fat wallet and really don’t mind shedding a few pounds off it. While pricey, sushi is a light, refreshing, ultra-delicious lunchtime meal that’ll fit right into your busy schedule, without taking away from your productivity (a trait most lunchtime aficionados believe is incredibly valuable).


Egg Salad


egg salad toast on a lettuce leaf

Gettyimages / Aniko Hobel / Moment


So while we don’t recommend chowing down a bowl of pure, unadulterated egg salad all by itself, egg salad is a perfect side dish or topping. Have it with some chicken breast, spread it on a toast or a bun. Do whatever you have to do with it, as long as you put those hard-boiled eggs to use.


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