The Ultra Smartphone

While we all know that smartphones are super smart,  Tone Mobile, a Japanese phone company has recently released an even smarter model.

It’s known as the Tone e20, and it actually prevents users from taking inappropriate photos, which is pretty much a dream come true for any concerned mother (or spouse?). 

The phone itself isn’t exactly the most aesthetic model yet, but its innovative artificial intelligence technology that prevents users from taking specific photos is impressive enough to have us sold.  

The main aim of the phone is for parents to protect their children, and the phone can also notify the owner if the phone even clicked on an inappropriate photo.  

If the algorithm suspects that the photo was inappropriate, then it won’t let the user save it to their photo gallery, but the technology is connected to the camera, so it doesn’t prevent users from downloading photos online.  Nonetheless, it’s still quite the step forward!

Other than it’s protection feature, the Tone e20 is also seriously affordable, priced at only $180. At the moment, it’s only available in Japan, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time until it goes global.

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