The Ultimate Michael Jackson Impersonator

A twenty two year old man from Buenos Aires, Argentina is reported to have spent more than $30,000 on plastic surgery procedures over the past seven years with the goal of looking just like the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Leo Blanco is one of thousands of Michael Jackson impersonators across the globe, however he is unique in that his obsession seems to be more intense than ever seen before.

Blanco started watching Jackson as a young child, and knew right away that his dream was to look just like him. At the age of just fifteen years old, he started his first plastic surgery procedure to make his dream come true.

Seven years later and eleven surgeries later, he still is not pleased with his look, and has plans to take things even further to continue to look just like Jackson.

So far, he’s had four surgeries on his nose alone, as well as other operations on his jaw, chin and cheekbones. His family is worried about his drastic transformations, and feel as though he is no longer even the Leo they know.

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