The “Toy” Vacuum

As a parent, we have to deal with the messes that come along with having children. It is a constant pick up, move and store when our children are playing in their play pin or just hanging around the house. This being the case for every parent, a toy manufacturer has come up with a genius way to lend these overwhelmed parents a helping hand.

Now, the most creative part of this new toy vacuum is that it actually works. Replicating the Dyson Ball Vacuum, this toy is a great way for our little ones to do chores but in a kid-friendly way of course.

The vacuum has many features that replicate a real electric one. Making noises, suctioning up dirt, and of course, swiveling in all directions making children love and learn how to do chores but in a fun and safe manner. With safety being parents’ number one concern, the toy vacuum is not connected to any electrical outlet. In turn, making it very kid-friendly.

As parents begin to see the new product on the market, children are starting to rave over the item. Funny enough, all consumers of the product are so young in age that the likelihood of them realizing that they are actually being efficient and are cleaning their own messes is low. Overall making the product a hit.

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