The Time Free Zone

Ever heard of a time free zone? Probably not, and that’s because it has yet to exist. The people on an Island in the northern area of Norway, known as Sommaroy, live in a place where the sun doesn’t actually set for a shocking sixty nine days during the summer time. 

The locals on the Norweigan Island have decided that for this reason they would like to make it the very first time free zone in the world.  Since the sun doesn’t rise from around November to January, locals here aim to make the most of their short summer lasting from mid May to the end of July.

In order to make the most of their time, they pretty much just ignore the kind of time that we’re familiar with. You know the one where we look at our clocks, watches and phones at all times.

At what would generally be a late hour of the night, people still try to do all kinds of unconventional things, such as cleaning the house, mowing their lawns, or doing sports. People sleep whenever they feel like it, since the sun is always out. 

Although their lifestyles have been as such for as long as they can remember, the local people have requested that it become officially a place without a time zone.  

Although it may seem like a strange joke or way to promote themselves, the locals have taken this decision quite seriously, and have already handed over petitions and signatures to the parliament of Norway.

If all goes according to plan and they are successful in making this happen, then it will surely show an increase in tourism, with people eager to see what this endless summer without any concept of time looks like.

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