The Three Parent Baby

A Greek woman and her partner were unable to conceive a baby for an entire four cycles of vitro fertilization.  The couple did not give up and were set on giving birth. And now? The thirty two year old woman is pregnant!

Her baby, however, will be born with the DNA from three people.  They aren’t the first to have used such a procedure,  a form of mitochondrial replacement therapy in order to prevent the baby from inheriting certain genetic diseases.

This however, is the very first time that it’s been used in order to treat infertility, and it’s showing that there’s hope for the other millions of couples out there that have also been struggling to conceive.

In this process, doctors take the nucleus from a woman’s egg into a donor egg that has had it’s nucleus removed. The egg is then fertilized with sperm, and then implanted into the woman.  Such a process allows the couple to ensure to their baby won’t inherit any health issues from the mitochondria of the woman, which exists in the egg.

The nucleus contains 99.8 percent of a person’s genes, which means that the baby will inherit most of it’s DNA from it’s mother, as well as some of it’s fathers, however it will also receive a certain amount of DNA from the donor, making for a three-parent baby.

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