The Surreal World of Competitive Eating

Some people in the world have a keen sense of ingenuity.  In fact, they’re so resourceful and clever, that they actually managed to make eating, our favorite gluttonous pastime, into a fully-fledged career. Well, not all of them made a career out of it, but they did at least manage to squeeze a few bucks out of stuffing themselves with a wide array of different foods. Yet the existence of these kinds of people implies the existence of something even grander: The people who actually pay them to eat, or, competitive eating events. And what might these incredible events be, you may ask? Well, why not check them out for yourselves? Here are some of the most notable chow-downs in the world.

World Pie Eating Championship

Gettyimages / Joe Raedle / Getty Images Entertainment

The UK-based pie-eating competition is a bit different from other competitive eating events. Instead of eating as much as humanly possible and beyond, contestants chow down on only one single pie. The catch is simple: They’ve got to eat it fast. Real fast. Martin Appleton-Clare, the three-time winner as of 2017, managed to eat his pie in an astonishing 32 seconds,w while Vickey Lindley of the women’s decision tore into hers in only 30 seconds.

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