The Super Macho T

Many skinny Japanese men want to achieve a more macho look, however, are not exactly ready to put in the hard work at the gym to actually get there.

Well, now, thanks to the Super Macho T, they can get there without breaking a single sweat.

All they’ve got to do is purchase this special undershirt that offers instant muscles. The Super Macho T was created by a Japanese company known as His Company Group and includes inflatable airbags that are placed exactly where the chest and upper arms are.

In turn, this creates the effect that the wearer has large biceps, triceps and chest muscles. What’s particularly great about this special product is that the wearer can choose how large they want their muscles to appear by inflating the airbags as much or as little as they want.  Some people want to come off as a total gym buff, while others want a more naturally toned look.

According to the company, the undershirt was actually inspired by silicone bras that were made for women. They took the concept and turned it into a more male-friendly one.

Do take note if you are considering purchasing it that it’s not exactly cheap, running for $73 on Amazon. However it’s still much better going than going to the gym for many people, and overall is also probably cheaper than a monthly gym membership.

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