The Strangest Things Dug Up In Backyards

Exploring your backyard can be a very exciting pastime. For a wide variety of reasons, people sometimes decide to dig up their property, and in some cases, they’ve found themselves with some seriously strange finds that have left us all completely shocked.


1. 10 Million Dollars In Gold Coins



A very lucky couple from California had all of their treasure hunting dreams come true. One day when walking their dog on their property, they saw a rusty container sticking out of the grand. They continued to dig in the area and find eight cans of coins that were estimated to be worth approximately 10 million dollars.


2. Church Bells



A Czech man was digging around his background when he found 2 large church bells that are around 400 years old. He later on discovered that they were stolen 11 years ago from a church nearby. The thief perhaps did not manage to return for them after hiding them. 


3. 1,000-Year-Old Human Remains



A man in Salt Lake City was digging up a pond in his backyard when he found human bones. He reported his frightening discovery to the police. Research concluded that the bones belonged to a Native American who lived in the area approximately 1,000 years ago.


4. A Dinosaur Bone



A man in the U.K was building a fence in his backyard in 1997 when he found a very large and unfamiliar bone. He wasn’t sure what it was, so he kept it in his shed for 16 years. In 2013 he finally decided to take it to a museum, where experts confirmed that it was a 250 million year old pliosaur who was shown to not be native to the English sea.


5. A Ferrari



Two Los Angeles kids found a Dino 246 GTS Ferrari when digging around just for fun in their backyard.  After an investigation, it turned out the car was told and buried several years before by thieves as part of an insurance scam. The car was supposed to be burnt, but the thieves loved it too much.